Working as Business Partner with RCIL& APDCL

OM INDIA has established business partnerships with two notable organizations: Railtel Corporation of India Ltd. (RCIL) and Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. (APDCL). These partnerships indicate that OM INDIA is actively involved in providing goods, services, or solutions to these entities.

1. Railtel Corporation of India Ltd. (RCIL): As a business partner of RCIL, OM INDIA likely participates in projects related to the telecommunications and networking sector. RCIL is a public-sector enterprise that plays a significant role in laying optical fiber cables for broadband and telecom services along railway tracks. OM INDIA’s involvement suggests expertise in telecom infrastructure, optical fiber networks, or related services, possibly supporting RCIL in expanding and maintaining its network infrastructure.

2. Assam Power Distribution Company Ltd. (APDCL): Partnering with APDCL implies that OM INDIA is engaged in projects or services related to electrical infrastructure and power distribution. APDCL is a government-owned entity responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity in Assam, India. OM INDIA’s role might involve electrical infrastructure development, maintenance, or other services to support APDCL in providing reliable electricity to the region.

These partnerships signify that OM INDIA is a trusted and capable collaborator in the respective domains of telecommunications and electrical infrastructure. It implies that OM INDIA has the expertise, resources, and commitment to work closely with these organizations, contributing to the enhancement of critical infrastructure and services in the regions they serve.

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